Working with Healthcare Providers

Working with Healthcare Providers

How does Waitakere Health Link work with these health providers:

Waitemata District Health Board

Waitakere Health Link work with the Waitemata District Health Board in the following ways:

  • Six Weekly Meeting with the WDHB CEO.
  • Participation in Steering Groups and Workshops – Provide Consumer Representatives to participate on steering/advisory committees on behalf of health consumers eg: Primary Healthcare Steering Group, Community Engagement Alliance, Waitakere Hospital 24/7 Emergency Response, After Hours Implementation Plan Reference Group, Community Oral Health Services, B4 School Checks, Maternity Facility Upgrade, Webhealth Advisory Team.
  • Public Consultations – Facilitates public consultations in collaboration with health providers such as Waitemata District Health Board to ensure the community is well informed and able to participate in the decision making processes eg: WDHB 10 Year District Strategic Plan, Community Oral Health, Community Laboratory Services Consultation.
  • Health Literacy – Promote health literacy to enable Waitemata DHB to communicate more effectively with the community it serves.

Primary Healthcare Organisations

Waitakere Health Link work in partnership with Primary Health Organisations (PHOs) and host NGO Health Network Forums to develop a collaborative and mutually beneficial association between community health, PHOs and NGOs in West Auckland.


Non Government Organisation

Waitakere Health Link acts as an information broker to disseminate information between the WDHB, PHOs, health related NGOs and the Waitakere community.