Consumer Reps

Health Consumer Representatives

Health Consumers (patients) are people who use health services, as well as their family and carers. This includes people who have used a health service in the past or who could potentially use the service in the future.

A Health Consumer Representative is a consumer member of a committee, project or event who voices consumer perspectives and takes part in decision making on behalf of health consumers. They may be an individual or may be nominated by and accountable to, a consumer organisation. The Consumer Representative may work with a health service (or consumer organisation) and is often in a volunteer capacity. The role may provide for reimbursement of their costs.

The health consumer perspective brings an important balance to views presented by doctors and other health professionals involving accessing and receiving health services to improve health outcomes for everyone.

Feedback from providers about Consumer Representatives…

“Waitakere Health Link assisted Auckland Regional Dental Service in getting consumer representatives onto the Clinical Governance Committee. This  has strengthened this committee and achieved a service strategy of increasing consumer voice.” GM, Child, Women and Family Services, WDHB

“The Quality Use of Medicines Steering Group are very fortunate to have had a Consumer Representative for almost 10 years. This role is essential because our aim is to improve the health of our population, and we can’t achieve this based on assumptions, we need to have a consumer present to guide us right from the start.” Pharmacist and Project Manager, Quality Use of Medicines, WDHB

Feedback from Consumer Representatives about participating on planning groups

“In my role on the Consumer Advisory Committee to Pharmac Waitakere Health Link provide a platform to receive feedback on community issues, perceptions and understanding about what Pharmac is which has helped me in my role of providing advice to Pharmac to improve its engagement with communities and consumers.” David Lui

“As a Pacific Consumer Representative to Auckland Regional Dental Service, Waitakere Health Link has helped prepare me to provide valuable feedback on community issues, understanding and views about what oral health is from a pacific perspective. This will help improve service delivery and engagement with the communities and consumers for better oral health outcomes.” Victoria Rasmussen

If you are interested in becoming a Health Consumer Representative please contact us.