Waitakere Hospital Community Services Open Day

Bridging the information gap between hospital services and services provided in the community, Waitakere Health Link continues to host two Community Services Open Days to enable hospital staff to increase their knowledge of local health services available to patients in the community. Hospital staff can share this knowledge with patients and their families when they leave hospital, so families feel supported to access health services in the community.

Feedback from providers about the Waitakere Hospital Community Services Open Day…

“I was there roaming around for about 2 hours. Had some great conversations and learnt a lot about some quite useful NGOs. Overall I found it very informative thank you and will attend again next year assuming it is on…” GP, West Auckland

“Family Action finds the open days a valuable way of meeting the community and keeping up to date with other services that are useful for our clients. It is a great networking opportunity” CEO, Family Action

“Hosting open days give Youthline the opportunity to network with other community organizations in our area and primarily give us the chance to promote our services to health professionals and other people in the community.”  Youthline

“We find that the Open Days at Waitakere Hospital are very valuable to our service. It is a great networking opportunity for the Hospital Staff and Community Services to keep linked with each other and to support each other”. Parent Aid Waitakere

“Thank you for the opportunity to Network and connect with other NGO’s. To be able to obtain so many services in one place is very valuable for the community. I have enjoyed going and it has been well organised. The Staff at Waitakere Health Link are very motivated and enthusiastic. They are a pleasure to work with.” West Auckland Stroke Foundation of New Zealand

“We appreciate the opportunity to attend the NGO days at Waitakere hospital for networking as much as promotion.” Te Whanau O Waipareira Trust